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Majestic Body Lotion

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Nourish your skin with the essence of Ayurveda through our Majestic Body Lotion. Infused with antioxidant-rich seabuckthorn oil, the lotion gently balances all three doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha – promoting Ayurvedic harmony within your skin.
This Lotion goes beyond just surface-level hydration. Jojoba oil, a close relative to our skin's natural sebum, provides deep, lasting moisture without clogging pores. Brimming with rich antioxidants, fights free radicals, the primary culprits behind visible signs of aging.

It's the perfect addition to your Ayurvedic self-care routine.

Ayurveda Tri Dosha - This symbol explains the product is tri doshic. Art of Vedas.
Tri Dosha Balancing
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Luxurious Ayurvedic Bosy Lotion by Art of Vedas for balanced, radiant skin. Deeply nourishes & combats cellulite. Shop Online

Beyond Hydration

A Holistic Approach to Skin Care

Majestic Body Lotion goes beyond simply moisturizing your skin. Inspired by the principles of Ayurveda, it nourishes and balances your skin's natural energies, promoting a healthy, radiant complexion. Experience the difference of a holistic approach to skincare, leaving your skin feeling soothed, revitalized, and beautifully balanced.